What files will you need from me?

All projects are different, but we will most commonly need vector files. For signage projects, we will also require site photos and building plans (if available). Logos should be supplied as vector art.

What is vector art?

If your logo or artwork was design by a professional graphic designer, you should have received it in one of the following formats:.pdf, eps, ai,.svg. If you don't have access to any of these, we may be able to rebuild it as vector art for a fee.

Common formats that are not vector are:.jpg,.tiff,.psd,.png, .gif.

How long does the design process take?

Because of the nature of custom design, many variables can determine the length of the process. We are usually booking signage projects a month out, and design projects up to three months out.

What is your policy on artwork revisions?

We encourage our clients to give any feedback or direction they see fit. Without regulating this process however, projects can be delayed significantly and often unnecessarily. We will allow 3 revisions before additional hourly fees are applied.


Do you accept any fabrication projects other than signage?

We specialize in signage, but we also offer environmental design services. We’ve built trade show displays and permanent retail displays. Shoot us an email with what you are thinking.

What is your typical lead time?

Because of the nature of custom fabrication, many variables can determine the production time. However, there are many things the client can do to help achieve the fastest possible turnaround time. 

Can you expedite my project?

In most cases, yes. Depending on our current capacity, you can jump the queue for an additional fee. This will only mark your project as priority in order over others. It does not mean that we will rush the fabrication, or do anything that may compromise the quality of the product.


When will I be billed?

Upon project approval. We can only begin your project once we receive a deposit, which is 50% of the estimate unless otherwise negotiated prior to any exchange of currency.

What is your refund policy?

We’ve given a refund exactly once. You’ll have ample opportunity to approve your project before it is completed.

How do you accept payment?

Check, Paypal, credit card (via Paypal) or ACH bank transfer.

Will I own the rights to the creative you come up with?

Yes. We will release all intellectual property rights once payment is made in full and we have been notified of your intentions for the use of the artwork.

Do you provide follow-up maintenance and/or repair?

We will recommend a local company to carry out maintenance and repair if necessary.

Can you ship?

In most cases, yes. We will ship or deliver, depending on the installation requirements.

If I already have a design, will you fabricate it for me?

Yes! As much as we love all design opportunities we are also fabricators who appreciate other people's design work. This being said, we will still guide you in the process to make sure that your intended use of materials and design is properly translated into a physical product.

Do I need to be from a particular industry to work with you?

We specialize in gallery and storefront signage. We’ve worked with hotels, restaurants, and the wellness industry, as well, and we’re always happy to work in new industries!