Field Notes


Hey there! Here’s what we’re listening to in and out of the office right now.

And meet Rebecca, she joined the team in March as a content producer and account manager. When she’s not assisting on shoots and social media and graphic design accounts, she’s also a jewelry designer and artist.

Rebecca’s listening to:

The Dropout - I’ve been really into this new investigative podcast about the downfall of the medical tech company Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Of course I read about this when they were all over the news but I never realized the extent of the fraud.

Hashtag Authentic - This is my go to podcast for social media and online tips. Sara Tasker interviews lots of creatives about their work and how they share it.

The Daily - The New York Times daily podcast is my favorite news podcast. Each episode is about 20 minutes, which makes it easy to fit in everyday.

Table Manners - Singer Jessie Ware and her Mom invite folks over for dinner and talk about everything. I love it. I can’t imagine what hosting a podcast with my own mother would be like, but this one is thoroughly enjoyable. The episode with Mel B was my fave.

hashtag authentic.jpg
table manners.jpg

And Kelsi’s listening to:

Bullseye - Specifically the Barbara Kruger episode, linked here.

99% Invisible - Design is everywhere. This sweet podcast shares lesser known stories about the origin of the shopping mall, for example, and one of my other favorite episodes talks about a vandalized statue of the infamous Spanish conquistador Juan Onate.

Design Speaks - By New Mexico native and fellow designer, Brandi Sea Kniffin. This one is a super relevant resource that takes subjects like branding, color theory, etc. and addresses these topics in a way that is relatable to creative professionals outside of graphic design.

Over My Dead Body - Y’all know I love true crime and this is one of several new crime podcasts from Wondery that I am obsessed with. Did you hear that HBO is making a mini series about the case covered in the Serial podcast?! I also spent my evenings this week watching a new murder series on Netflix, The Innocent Man, 10/10 would recommend.

Rebecca Grady