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This week = launching two new social media clients and turning down work for the first time.

This month = lecturing at an AIGA conference in Albuquerque (more on that later…).

This year = a whirlwind.

New clients. I’m so excited to share that I’m working with two new social media clients - Seamless Skin and Shelby House, both based here in Santa Fe. Seamless Skin is an exciting and challenging client all at once. Designing a social media presence around services I have limited knowledge about (and that people rarely talk about) - cosmetic surgery being one of the main Seamless Skin offerings, alongside boutique facials, colonics, and hair removal - has required a lot of consideration and planning, lots of conversation and learning. I want to work with a diverse clientele, though, which is why I’m also thrilled about my other new client is Shelby House, a historic house now doubling as an event space and a retailer of barware and home goods. I’ve been super busy working on these two projects, and juggling four signage projects this month, but I’ll have more to share soon.

New cities. I’ve also come to the realization within the past few that I am ready to grow my business again - and that has meant hiring contractors for the first time ever and beginning the research and development that is finding clients in a second and third city. Santa Fe will still be headquarters, but I’d like to learn and grow in other markets, as well. When you are working for yourself you give up so many of the luxuries and stability that accompany working for someone else, like a steady income, paid vacation, and health benefits. That being said, you get to choose, when, where, and with whom you work. And so for me, I’ve been spending the past month ruminating on potential environments I’d like to work within and really getting clear about what type of I clients I want to attract.

Here’s a peek at some Instagram stories templates I’ve designed for Seamless Skin:

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Everything hasn’t been roses, but everything’s more than fine. More to come.

Kelsi Sharp