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I work constantly - like twelve hours a day. I usually work about eight hours a day in my office (read: studio apartment) or on-site with clients. After dinner, I work for another several hours (read: in bed) fueled by Netflix and some terrifying true crime podcasts. 

A few of my audio/visual favorites for late night work sessions:

Abstract: The Art of Design I watched it nearly a year ago, and it didn't hold my interest, but watching it again while working, I found it inspirational and I really enjoyed it. There's an episode that follows Bjarke Ingels (superstar architect) and an episode that follows Paula Scher (superstar graphic designer), as well as an episode about an illustrator, a photographer, and an automobile designer. 

Great British Baking Show I love to have Great British Baking Show playing in the background while I'm working. It is so much less theatrical than any American cooking or baking show in the best way. I love how the contestants have real lives and jobs, and participate in the show on the weekends. I love how the contestants help each other with the baking challenges, wash their own pans, and drink tea. 

Sword and Scale Besides design, I also am a true crime podcast fan. Sword and Scale was one of the first podcasts I became interested in. My favorite episode talks about the origin of the last meal traditionally offered to prisoners given the death sentence and lists different serial killers and what they ordered for their last meal - ranging from dirt and cigarettes to a burger and fries with a milkshake. listen here

Casefile This is an absolutely amazing true crime podcast, and the narrator has an amazing Australian accent. listen here

S*TOWN It isn't a true crime podcast, but it is an incredible story and it's four brilliant episodes, produced by the people who made Serial and This American life. listen here

Dirty John I'm in the middle of this one currently, at the recommendation of a friend and it is really intriguing. Dirty John is produced by Wondery, and it feels like the podcast equivalent of Mindhunter, the new Netflix series or True Detective - it really paints a visual, and because it covers one crime over the course of the season, as opposed to other podcasts that cover one crime per episode, it really gets into detail. listen here

I also listen to less hi-fi true crime podcasts - like where you can hear the podcaster's wife or dog in the background, or the phone rings. I find non-fiction podcasts and shows easier to multi-task to than fiction/fantasy podcasts and shows, and obviously, anything with subtitles, I can't properly enjoy while working. 

(note: I'm in bed right now and it is after midnight and I'm watching Great British Baking Show)

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