Field Notes

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The universe abhors a vacuum. 

I started this year by ending a contract... with one of my biggest clients. I was nervous (understatement) to end the professional relationship with a client that provided more than half of my income, but I firmly believe (and mama said) that if you create a vacuum in your life the universe will fill the void. 

So I took a leap and nearly a month into the new year I’m working with six new clients. 

I’m working with HANGTIME for the first six months or so of this year on a product launch. HANGTIME represents two new worlds for me - the outdoors industry and the start-up industry - and I’m learning so much. HANGTIME is launching a smartphone accessory for hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding and I’ll be creating graphics for the crowdfunding campaign and  investor pitches, including the ABQid Ski Lift Pitch next month. 

I’m working with MAKE Santa Fe on some web design and I’m eager to reap the benefits of a membership at MAKE and I’ll be attending several certifications in the coming month or so. I’ve already used the shared workshop space to create stunning laser cut product packaging for the HANGTIME launch this weekend at Outdoor Retailer and I’ll also be creating laser cut signage for another client in early February. 

I’m working with Cynthia Jones Jewelry, a minimalist jewelry brand here in Santa Fe on social media campaigns, email campaigns, product packaging, and signage. I love working with another female sole proprietor, especially Cynthia, whose work and aesthetic I adore. 

I’ve agreed to do some pro-bono work for a charitable organization called Purses with a Purpose. I’ve felt so fortunate in my career and in my life and I’ve wanted to volunteer some of my time to the right female-centric non-profit - so that is happening now! 

I’m also working with another female sole proprietor this year - my mentor of over ten years, Erica Westby. I’ll be doing web and print design work for her as she launches her private practice and I'm eager to collaborate with Erica in her powerful work.

Curtis Bobsin is an organ builder in San Antonio who also installs high end sound equipment in restaurants, bars, and cathedrals. He’s one of the only remaining organ builders in the world. We’ve already begun logo design that merges his classical work, welding organ pipes and milling custom cabinetry for the instruments, and the new and growing sound equipment component of his company. 

And the big news is:

Anyone who knows me knows that a microbrewery is my dream client and I’ve been working towards making that dream a reality. I can’t say anything more until everything is formalized, but I’m also going to be working with a craft brewery this year. 

I’ll be continuing projects with several clients from last year, too. including Hutton Broadcasting (creators of and soon, and TWIG. And so begins my second year of business. 

Kelsi Sharp